a Full Crafted Experience - $100
...a Handcrafted Haircut, Hot Towel Neck Shave,
Scalp Massage with Deep Conditioning Scalp Treatment,
Hot Towel Aromatherapy and Hairstyling Session.

a Crafted Haircut - $50
...just the Haircut. Cut, Shampooed and Style

a CleanUp - $35
...just around the edges, getting you by until your next appointment

a Shave - $35 'ol fashioned straight razor shave, just like grandpa used to get

a Beard Trim - $15
...tame, shape or sculpt that overgrown beard

a Relaxer - $30 chill out curly or straight hair, making it more manageable

a Perm - $50
...create extra volume or wave

a Tint - $30
...gray-blending or permanent color